Acne Studios Clothing For Men


Acne Studios Clothing For Men 2014 - 2015 - Fashion Fist (1)

To be fair, the name is not so much a name as it is an acronym of ambition to create new expressions, which sounds much better, plus it is factually correct. Some of the new expressions in the spring collection for men include acne sinking short drop crotch; accounts intentionally threadbare sweaters tied around the waist; giant-sized knit caps; spray painted stars in an oversized T-shirt; and a generous use of brown to improper knowledge. In typical form for acne, a former denim label approaches its twentieth year, there was a deliberate, goofy square in the small offering creative director Jonny Johansson attributed to an approach of one size above.

We’ve always done dry wash”, said in the live performance. “There may be an atmosphere of Casual Preppy and masculine colors can work, but it is always in our own unique way.”


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