Black leather Boots Cleaner and Conditioner


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Back when they were all leather shoes, most leather conditioners are made of fire-hazardous materials and produce noxious odors. In early 1960, a retired chemist and Daniel McGowen worked together to develop a better way to treat footwear.

They developed a product free of toxins and thus was born without formula Leather Honey scent. They treated one of his shoes with the formula and the other shoe untreated. The durability of the leather honey formula was confirmed when untreated shoe sole treated was replaced twice. The experiment also showed that no honey leather evaporates once absorbed by the skin and the formula increases the flexibility of the skin in cold weather. A decade later Leather Honey became a huge success for the restoration of the skin, and today is the number one choice for those who want to improve the look of the clothes worn leather foot.

Whether it’s a new pair of boots or leather bag vintage grandmother, skin Honey is the product for you. Leather Honey not only preserves the monetary value of your belongings, but also the sentimental value of your treasured clothing. A little honey leather goes a long way, since only small amounts of honey are needed to restore your skin leathers.

One bottle lasts a long time – the product has an infinite life. We understand how important your leather shoes are for you and how wasteful it is to have to pull your favorite pair due to normal wear and tear. As time takes a toll on your leather fashion clothes, our premium leather conditioner softens, protects, and promotes flexibility to help keep your leather clothes looking great in the coming years.


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