Dolce and Gabbana Spring Dresses Collection for Girls


Dolce-Gabbana-ready-to-wear-Spring-Collection-2015- Fashion Fist (8)

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana cited the Spanish influence in Sicily between 1516 and 1713 as a starting point for the final concert tonight’s fashion week in Milan. It was certainly a farewell – these guys have the theater to put on your heart, ode to Sicily, ode to Italy, shows an art.¬†And so, too, does that when it comes to your clothing – this other jeweled, smothered, and collection of floral embroidery adorned which had its lace actions sensitivity (you can see one of her dresses from a mile away) and transposed with a Spanish theme.

So the color palette focuses on black, white and red for a lot of lace dresses (which we know they do so well) and ponchos covered carnation, bordering rolling away; matador costumes and embroidered braid belts adorned trophy; polka dot dresses and flamenco skirts; headscarves and carnations are worn on the hair slicked back into severe buns.¬†Everything was so beautiful – it’s hard not to like lace, gems and flowers when all running on a single mass of blow like this, but it would be good to see developed away from purely referential issues – although very well.

To end came the signature Dolce final – a parade of girls in starched white shirts, high-waist shorts and red ballet shoes. It was, as always, a spectacle to behold.


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