Flat feet Shoes Collection 2014 for Men and Women


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Spring means one of the few things to me. First, I begin to remember what daylight looks like, see this and start at either end of my work day.  Not only has the trend adopted by the team, who welcomed a comfortable shoe with open arms , but no less coveted towering heels needle recent seasons. Do not misunderstand me , as a very short person , I’m a fan of high heels, but flat shoe is always nice. I ‘ve always known to be an option for elegant dressing when spring / summer, like jumping around five inch stilettos in hot weather is not fun. The reasoning behind my excitement when I saw homes smart accent, almost masculine style showing in this year ‘s Fashion Weeks .

Since the monk shoes, sandals and classic Oxford shoes to sneakers calf skin , trainers and leopard print slippers , flat shoe is IN and plenty to choose from. Chunky Sandals are our shoes for summer crush , too, with the pool slippers adorning many an A- list standing . What idea great? A pair of shoes which is timeless , beautiful and comfortable ? Spring is the time to have fun with your style , and feel free to make the decisions that suit their individual needs. Par simple change any dress with a pair of shoes in black and white and you can not go far wrong . Queen Victoria wearing a sober suit pretty here and still looks fabulous .

One of the best things about the flat shoe this season is its versatility. Combine your favorite pair , with everything you usually wear to the office , weekends and even bars and parties . Try mixing your skinny jeans with a shoe New Balance (see Alexa Chung , who was a strong and undeniable trend follower Pioneer) , or your little black dress shoe with a monk ( as Victoria Beckham ) . You will be connected to the fashion and functionality .

It is also the fashion week season ( the best week of the year, apart from my birthday week ) . Finally , it becomes a more acceptable time to order a mango and passion fruit ice cream cooler to go , instead of coffee with regular milk bread to go skinny ginger . Brain freeze is more than worth it when it comes with a side of delicious.

The most interesting of the spring time , however , is that the new colors and looks of the season emerge throughout the fashion world , and turn some fresh life into my daily struggle with my own style. Gone are the gray marl Burgundys the winter season to make way for sorbets , bold , and very, very brave. For a transitional look that is both easy to use and effortless chic , it can be something of a chore . So , I made your job easier when writing your shopping list this season meaningless . I ‘m so good for you!

Check out our selection of the best new flat shoe collection..


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