Gucci Men Clothing Tailoring Suit Envy New Arrivals 2015


Gucci-Men-Tailoring-Suit-Envy-New-Collection-2014-2015- Fashion Fist (2)

Long Italian artisan tradition, modern design, handsome fabrics discover the undeniable appeal tailoring Men Gucci. The New Signoria: Clean lines mark the “New Signoria”, available in both single and double breasted silhouettes. With full structure and soft canvas padded shoulders, this dress is timeless and exhaustive, and-now.

Modern elegant tailoring better. The “Marseille” has full canvas upper structure, armholes (it molds to you) and perfectly balanced, shoulders cordoned off by a suit with a trusted command.

The Heritage
Wide lapels, narrow shoulders and a good dose of arrogance define the “Heritage”, which takes its style from the 70’s heyday-jet set Gucci man. Confident, cool and well-traveled ….!


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