Ladies Watch Designs 2015 by DKNY


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DKNY was founded in 1984 by designer Donna Karan. Specializing in fashion for men and women, the brand now sells a range of products including DKNY watches, fragrance, bags, clothing and accessories. The mission of the company is Donna Karan to symbolize the international pulse of New York. The application of the highest principles of originality, honesty, quality and modernism, all DKNY designs exemplify the energy and spirit of New York City .

Described as “International, eclectic, fun, fast and real”, DKNY offers a unique style people worldwide. Donna Karan is excited not only about clothes, but a lifestyle. An attitude which she calls his idea “seven easy pieces” Karan believes that a handful of identical items must work together to create an entire wardrobe that works in all situations – it’s full panorama, from head to toe looks. Day or night, weekday or weekend;. Summer or winter, it is for this reason that the accessories are designed just off clothes to create an overall look very smart New York By considering all aspects of appearance .

Karan offers “everything you need to pull yourself together” – and, of course, believe that each eye must end with a stylish watch .DKNY Watches are designed for both men and women, capturing the attitude of New York with bold eye-catching designs. The watches are naturally classic and modern styles are mixed in a complicated fashion collection. The use of high quality materials, including crystals, diamonds and gold, which provide the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. DKNY Glitz looks great because of its round shape, attractive crystals around the frame line and jewel. If you love being simple, but elegant, then why not choose DKNY Round white clock with gold line, shiny gold bracelet (looks great and not too smart). For a casual look I advise you to choose DKNY watches two-tone combination of gold and silver, these watches come with button closure and round frame and gold numbers …!


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