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Most women live in a world of careers, whether professional , mother and housewife at the same time, 24 hours a day is not enough to do everything you want to do , but there is something we can not put aside though the time is short , and to see beautiful and fresh . Makeup is one of the weapons we use women to hide the tiredness, so we try our makeup last from morning to night. To learn more, read our makeup tips .

Makeup Tips to Last Longer;

1. Thoroughly clean the face, this is one of the keys in a dirty complexion makeup would not notice and are rapidly lost .

Two . After cleaning the face, apply a moisturizer water based , helps to moisturize the skin and protect it, the fact that it is water based it is important to keep the skin look greasy.

Three . Dampen a towel with ice water and placing gentle pressure on the face, this will help to close the pores.

April . Apply foundation all over your face , remember that all the sites related to beauty tips and makeup recommends using a similar skin color base.

May . You then have to apply the powder.

6. To draw the eyes or to put mascara on your eyelashes is to use waterproof products .

7. Looking lipsticks long lasting, and you can adjust your lips after eating or before leaving work.

8. Somewhere counseling after the hearing you , press down with your hands, helping them stick better.

Always looking beautiful is the slogan, so you have to take a little time to make a lasting makeup.

Today I saw some pictures online, I realized the amount of girls who were with white face and the rest of the body of another color ( including the neck ) Please have a proper look at the market there are many bases for you!

How to choose based on your face;

To find a foundation that suits your skin tone is not easy . So here I bring you some tips:

1. You should choose an appropriate tone that resembles the color of their skin or a minor key .

2. If you prefer a golden hue , use bags or bronzers for a natural tan does not use a darker base color!

3 . Try to buy foundation with matte finish. As Mat Magic Smooth Souffle Morphose and gives a matte with light effect and let the skin breathe finish.

4 . If you have normal skin, you can use any type of texture.

5 . If you have dry skin, it is best to use a light base , either liquid or cream because it moisturizes the skin. True Match recommend soft .

6. For olive skin , look for foundations with the word honey in their name, these give a golden hue .

7. For fair skin, the name of the database must say the cream , which will give a beige tone.

8. For darker skin , look for the name of the database that says candy, give you a nutty tone .

9. If you have imperfections must use a plug wrap , and which is based on powdered gel and simultaneously its texture is more like a gel and help to keep dry and compact powder . This type of base is ideal for covering spots, acne or scarring.

10. When we tested the color? The ideal site is on the cheek.

Finally, it is important to remember that before makeup , it is always important to clean and moisturize your face and thin lips.


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