Manish Malhotra Collection 2014 of Women Tunics


Chic simplicity from Manish Malhotra  tunics - Fashion Fist (1)

Manish Malhotra started his career in 1990 as a costume designer in the Indian film industry, popularly known as Bollywood. His label is a favorite when it comes most glamorous style of Bollywood celebrities in India. Place Manish Malhotra creation cover the broad areas of Bollywood design, styling, diffusion and the everlasting bridal and couture.

Manish Malhotra¬†is the first costume designer to have ventured into mainstream fashion in 1999 with his shop couture high profile. He launched his own brand of haute couture evening dresses with name ‘Manish Malhotra’ in 2004. During the past two years, the label Manish Malhotra has taken the initiative to promote responsible regional crafts and workmanship of India rural…!


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