Muslim Women Hijab Designs 2014 Collection For Ladies


Muslim Women Hijab Designs 2014 Collection For Ladies- Fashion Fist (6)

It is one of those items that can make them look completely different and protective in the crowd. When you are wearing a hijab and move in the market, then you have to not look here and there to see if the company is looking at makeup or not. Within the market Hijab fashion styles are available in styles and designs Various but has been divided according to their factors such as geographic region , religious sect and also social status.


One of the most famous and common types of hijab is the square hijab ! This has been one of the most demanding hijab fashion young women and girls . To use the square hijabs have to follow the following steps carefully:

First fold it into a triangle and just standing on his head.
Now, with the help of a pin to be secure under the chin . Make sure the ends are left hanging on the shoulders and back.

Long Hijabs are another one of the last trends of hijab styles . In this type of hijab women have to make a large rectangular piece of cloth that simply said around the face . This scarf has been quite similar to the shape of scarves that are basically used in the Western world . You can easily find that , in various colors , prints, Fabulous and finest fabric .


Hijab One Piece : All those women which are found in workplaces that promote the use of a single carved piece. This is basically the tube as clothing used to cover the head at one end and the other end of the end is wrapped over the tube that is about the head and face. This is counted as the simple and friendly style hijab women.

Egyptian Hijab : From the list of hijab fashion we have also the name of the Egyptian hijab . This style is added to the inner part are advised to similar sale with long veil and placed around the face . Make sure the section outre rolled on top of her head.


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