Nail Polish Diy Block Designs Collection 2015


Nail Polish Diy Block Designs Collection 2015 - Fashion Fist (12)

Today I have a beautiful collection of colored blocks DIY Nail Design. Your hands should always shine with a nail designs, so do not forget important details embellish your look in a minute! The color block designs polish is a new trend that is beaten on the street and have to say they look great. You have many options to choose from. Check out the gallery below and inspire yourself. Play with colors and techniques. The instructions I found that look lovely and they are easy and quick to polish.

Choose the art of nail polish you like and beautiful nails. What you need to do is follow the steps of the image and that’s it.┬áThis trend is suitable for both day and evening occasions. Use bright colors for the day and polish your nails with a darker color to complete your evening dress. If you want more impressive nail art then use contrasting colors and look soft and lovely, then choose a color, but different shades ..!


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