Underwater Wedding Dress Photography Album


Underwater Wedding Dress Photography Album - Fashion Fist (8)

Novel innovative individuality unique and remarkable are all adjectives that can and should be used to describe the work of photographer Adam Opris. Then you can add the most common, such as, awesome, cool, emotive and captivating adjectives. We have recently come across the work of Adam and have been totally impressed by his combination of skill, art and new way to create a unique and special environment for which the photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime approach. The big question though is where did Adam get your inspiration because this is actually a very radical form of wedding photography? We have been very fortunate to have been in direct contact with Adam being interviewed about his photographs maternity underwater we were so impressed with him and he has kindly given us a brief bio of how she came to specialize in underwater photography. As Adam says, “I grew up in the ocean, and to this day there is always sand in my car.

I am constantly looking to push the envelope with my art and when I saw some photos underwater all became clear. The lure of the ocean and being underwater led me to get scuba certification and invest in a Ikelite underwater housing for my camera! I saw beautiful pictures of marine life and I knew that if I could bring my clients there, could create the magic! “We are very pleased to now see the incredible results of his tremendous conviction. However, it is difficult to know how to describe their work because of their uniqueness.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case, you do not feel you can say that will do justice to what you can see. Maybe, for once, is better than going to decide what you think for yourselves. To complete the story of how he got the first session of the wedding, Adam went on to let us know that “I knew that by merging my two passions for the ocean and weddings go into a new world of creativity. When I told my boyfriend and the rest of my family my plans for this shoot were very supportive, but worried at the same time. Knowing that you were recently certified and how I tend to take things to the limit, he wanted to make sure she was safe. as soon as I knew I had six seats I hit the ground running.

I decided four wheeling brides and two grooms. I took a chance and contacted FashionTV to see if they would be interested in supporting my shot. After some communication that agreement and now had the support of the fashion giant worldwide! this support, knowing that my budget was nothing, I knew I had to get to another creative industry. by contact persons knew and trusted industry he was able to get four dresses, tuxedos two, four bouquets unique heels for girls and makeup services and video, all through the generous donations of incredible companies.

Now that he had the makings of a shootout, people needed! I used Facebook to reach my fans and the community for couples and individuals who were certified and willing to participate in my sleep experiment dive! I received such an overwhelming response that was really humbling that people do not just believe in me, but I loved my work enough to want to be part of something so different ..!


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