Versace Jeans Couture Latest Arrivals For Women


VERSACE-JEANS- Fashion Fist (2)

The Satanic Vroom in the room released the latest Versace collection as an ode to the bicycle as the new cowboy living life the wild frontier outside lo-ci-e-tee. Similarly there was not much to register as “new” in the Versace show. I’m sure many of you have given it, but has been skirting the subject (pun intended  I could not help myself). Use one that is too short and squat look. Use one that is too long and you look like a tramp.

Fortunately, I have collected some surefire tips to help you master the midi: Leather and Denim by Versace-launch of its advertising campaign for autumn-winter 2014, Versace Jeans approach assumes an elegant and glamorous rocker with images highlighting their styles of denim and leather. It is a fashion house away from glamor, Versace going for an ultra-glamorous advertising campaign for Autumn / Winter Versace Jeans look.

With long hair and flat ironed, Paul Corona and models pose for Luigi Sasha Luss and IANGO. Sasha Luss and Paul Corona are front and center, with long hairstyles that look like they have been flat-ironed bone straight elegance. There were many moments of count-and-stand-up-over-the-topness in this collection.

The red leather cowboy doll that looked like a New York (circa the era of Malcolm McLaren management); jacket and moto-printed jeans that could have been lifted from a child duvet cover; Hoodie  ahem chinchilla, chinchilla hoodie.  When it comes to ways to wear midi skirt, fuller styles may be more difficult to achieve.


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